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    Kiilto Pro Premium Power adhesive

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    An elastic power glue for wood, concrete, stone and glass as well as different types of metals and plastics. Excellent initial tack. Solvent-free, does not contain isocyanates. Thermal resistance ranges -40–+100 °C. Salt water resistant. One-component.

    • The best initial tack, excellent thermal resistance. Resistant to moisture and chemicals
    •  Suitable for bondings
    •  Coverage 8.9 x 8.9 mm triangle-shaped joint, approx. 7.3 m/cartridge
    •  Drying time 3 mm/d, approx. 10 mm/7 d
    •  Suitable for indoor and outdoor use


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    One-component KiiltoFix Premium is based on silyl polymer technology and has high bond strength. Suitable for fixing and sealing inside and outside. Ideal for applications which require high initial tack (cars, boats, mobile homes), fixing skirtings and building boards. Materials to be used must be free from dust, grease and oil. Good adhesion on various stones, concrete, most metals, wood, glass and glazed surfaces as well as epoxy and polyester surfaces. With plastic materials adhesive tests are recommended prior to actual use. Has M1-emission classification for building products. Solvent-free, does not contain isocyanates or phthalates. Paintable with most water-based paints (always test before use). Very good resistance against weathering, good resistance against UV light. Good resistance to chemicals (weak solutions). Salt water resistant. Not suitable for glazing.